Welcome to Traveling Bumps

Traveling is never easy.   There are always bumps along our road. Delays, cancellations, expense, poor customer service, boredom, sickness, snafus, natural disasters, etc.  It makes one want to stay home and double lock the door.

One just needs to be aware that these experiences happen to everyone.  The universe is just not singling you out, (even though at the time you swear it is). Focusing on the bigger picture, (the positive experiences of traveling), helps find solutions to get past the bumps.

If all else fails, just letting it all out can be therapeutic. Years from now when you look at the photos, one will  hopefully remember the good times.  If not, at least one will have great dinner time stories.

This website is dedicated to creating and sharing solutions.  When that it not possible, hopefully it will give people a good giggle and be thankful that those things didn’t happen to them.  

It is even creating new terms in travel.  (*Remember to click on links on terms in post.  Or just check out definitions here.)

We all can get past the bumps, and enjoy the ride.  It just takes patience, creativity, and a sense of humor.  It might take years, but eventually one will be able to laugh about it.  (Or least your friends and family).