Surprise Surprise

Choosing a place to stay is always a dilemma when traveling, because there are so many options.  From how to book, expense, availability, location, amenities, etc.  It can be quite daunting.  It requires planning and research. Sometimes in life you just want to be spontaneous, or you waited until the last-minute, and are on a budget, and willing to just wing it.

To those who want to spice up their travel life or who procrastinated and/or have limited funds, third-party sites are the way to go.

I have found that in certain situations where there is a major travel bump, this is my best and sometimes only option. Unplanned stays, convention in town taking up majority of rooms, last-minute trips, and last, but not least, I have to be somewhere and don’t really care where I stay as long as it is clean because I’m on a budget.

Priceline bidding or express deals, Expedia mystery hotel, Hotwire.  Blind deals that save you money.  But remember, surprises can be good and bad.

I was going to Hong Kong with a friend, who I thought was booking a room. She thought I was booking it. So the day we leave, we realize, we have nowhere to stay. Luckily we were there only 2 nights before moving on.  Bad news, all the affordable hotels rooms were gone.  So I say let’s just do a blind deal, we have nothing to lose. We ended up getting the Grand Hyatt for a ridiculously low price.  Good surprise.

Had to spend the night in NYC last-minute, again everything affordable booked. Saw this great deal, four stars, booked it.  Turns out it is the Hudson Hotel.  Picture looks nice.  Lobby looks nice.  I am starting to think I did well. Get to the room, it is so small, that there really isn’t any room to put my bags down.  Bad surprise.

Third party sites blind deals are just that.  You go into the deal blind.

If you are picky about where you would stay or have certain standards (like my sister) never do the blind deal.  It would be a disaster of epic proportions.

If you like surprises or in a bind, try booking blind.  Excitement awaits you, just keep your expectations low.


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