No Plan, No research = TRAVEL BUMPS

Sometimes when one is an experienced travel, they neglect preparation and research when going to a new destination.  They think that they have travel the world, they can handle a weekend getaway, no problem.  Well sometimes that arrogance can comeback to bite them in the backside.

I was invited to a friend’s wedding this weekend in the San Juan islands.  I have never been there before, but it a popular destination, so I thought, how hard could it be to get there.  I have been busy, so I really didn’t take the time to research how to get up here.  Also, I had my room arranged, so I did not have to do that much planning, or that’s what I thought.  Ha.

My original plan was to drive up to Anacortes, and take the ferry across, simple, right?  Well I was speaking to someone last weekend, turns out you need to make reservations months in advance for summer car ferry service. Whoops.

My sister goes to me on Monday, “How are you going”, and I go, “Good question”.  I stated I will walk on, take a taxi.  She then goes, “Where are you leaving your car? Is it safe?”  Another couple of good questions.

Now my sister is a crafty one.  I like to think of her as my traveling mentor.  I use to travel with her, and let’s just say she is a talented negotiator.  I really feel I can handle any situation because of her.

So at this point I’m really not too worried, I feel I can make it up there, and back. That is the only hitch, (turns out that was blind arrogance).

Wednesday rolls around, and she goes to me “still doing your walk on with no plan thing?”  And I say yes.  She, it turns out, at the last-minute, got a family friend of ours to fly her up there.  He is a pilot for Alaska Airlines, who commutes from the San Juan islands on his plane.  She says there is an extra seat, and that her husband is driving later, I can catch a ride back on Sunday.  Score.

So I was able to hitch a ride up, made the wedding BBQ on Friday evening.  Then the real problems began…….To be continued

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