Sleepless in San Juan Islands

My transportation traveling bump was overcome, and I arrived in the San Juan islands, to Orcas island.  I was ready to enjoy my weekend and the wedding festivities.  I thought it was smooth sailing from there, boy was I wrong.

I had a fantastic time at the pre wedding BBQ, then headed to my sister’s hotel, the lovely Ship Inn.  We were waiting for the arrival of my brother-in-law Bob, who had taken our luggage.

Bob’s ferry arrived late, and did not make it to the hotel until 1045 pm.  He then took me to the Outlook Inn, where I was staying.  The Inn is in a fantastic location, and the mother of the bride was really kind to make the reservation for me.  I to the hotel to check in.  I state to the front desk clerk that the reservation was made by the wedding party.  She finds the reservation paper no problem, but my name is not on the room.   It just had the mother of the bride, and that of another guest, who was arriving the next day.

It turns out, their computer system went down.  (This, by the way, was never explained to me that night.  The clerk never informs me they are having problems. My friend who made the reservation, told me she called, it was all set, and it was.). It is now 1130 pm, and she is asking me to call the person who made the reservation.  I cannot get a hold of her.  The area where she was staying has zero cell phone coverage, which is common throughout Orcas Island, (bad place to be if you break down or if someone is chasing you, because basically your dead).

I call my friend’s son, who then hands the phone to his sister, who happens to be the bride.  They cannot reach their mother.  I just tell them don’t worry, I will take care of it.  The last thing a bride needs to worry about the night before their wedding was a guest not getting a room.

The unhelpful clerk  can see I am trying to reach the party.  She just keeps the stance that my name is not on the room, and the woman who is, is not here.  Again, not once does she mention that their computers were down.  Also, the room was prepaid.  I just said forget it, I’m leaving.  It is one of those times when it is better to walk away, and find an alternative solution, then to deal with incompetence.

Luckily, Bob stayed and witnessed the exchange, and thus was able to drive me back to his hotel, where I slept on his floor.  I walked into the room and explained to my sister what happened, and she was stunned.

So my first night in the San Juan’s Orcas Island, and I am sleeping on the floor, because I have no room.  Major traveling bump… be continued




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