Zombies on the Island

Some people have loads of energy during the day, then crash at night.  They need their sleep.  I am one of them.  So sleeping on the floor on a thin futon is not the best conditions for me to fulfill my sleep criteria.
Saturday morning rolls around, and I’m dead.  Did not get the 7-9 hours I require.  There was pre-wedding activities of golf, hiking, and yoga that I skipped because I was a zombie.  I needed to save my energy reserve for the wedding and reception. My sister and her family were collateral damage from my hotel snafu.  So we headed into town to have breakfast.

East Sound Orcas Island is very quaint.  You could probably walk Main Street and the side streets in 15 minutes.  So of course,  after breakfast we run into the mother of the bride, who was doing yoga across the street.  The mother of the bride came up apologizing, and I told her it wasn’t her fault.  She went over to the Outlook Inn that morning to make sure I was set for Saturday night.
The thing is, it was the morning of the wedding of her only daughter.  This was something she did not need to be doing.  I went in with her, and the manager was there.  She was dealing with another man who was complaining because he had a room that did not have a bathroom. His floor had shared bathrooms.  He stated that had he known, he would have booked another room.  So this place was not leaving a good impression.
My friend introduced me to the manager and she apologized,  saying the computers were down.  I said, I was not informed.  Then I briefly explained what happened.  She responded by saying that they have had people take other people’s reservations.  Wow.  So now I was an alleged thief.
I let the insult slide, because once again, it was not a about me.  I was standing next to the mother of the bride.  I just stated that my friend should not be charged, etc, because she left the deposit.  The manager said she wouldn’t, I said good and we left.  Now, I thought the situation was handled poorly the night before, but the manager had just made it worse.  She could have diplomatically stated that for security reasons the room couldn’t be handed over, but no I was stealing a room 1130 at night, when at least 5 other rooms were not claimed yet.  I had given the name of the person who reserved it, the other names of reservation, and stated it was part of a wedding.  (And it was quite ironic that this was occurring after my Jodi with an I post.  Guess I wasn’t wrong on their being an army of them.  In this situation, the night clerk wasn’t indifferent and annoyed, just smug and insensitive to the situation.)
I pushed through the day, because I was there for a lovely couple and family to celebrate their special day.  It was a fantastic celebration for two fantastic people. I did not return until 930 pm that night, and I was exhausted.  There was a card and flowers from the manager apologizing, which was a nice gesture, but it was a little too late at that point.
Once I got into bed, it was a shame about the mix up and poor customer service, because it was very nice, and I slept for 12 hrs.  The next morning, I was able to enjoy a few of the sites of Orcas, without being in a fog.
It is unfortunate what occurred.  I just made the best of a bad situation.  Traveling is not about you sometimes. I would do it again in a heartbeat, to be at that wedding.  One just needs to get past the bumps, because one travels to be with the ones they care for.
image    image     image

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