Always Learning

I have a friend who always liked to take her children traveling, because she felt that they made developmental strides after the experience.  I agree with this philosophy, but I think it not just applies to children, but to everyone.

This past weekend I learned many things:

  1. One needs to plan transport options wayyyyy in advance. ALWAYS.  One cannot take for granted that even though they have traveled the world, a local trip in-state needs the same amount of attention as a trans-continental affair.
  2. One of the best bakeries I have ever gone to is on Orcas Island, Brown Bear Baking.
  3. Caution when someone else books the room, because things can always get messed up by the hotel.
  4. Good thing Kathryn Taylor Chocolates is located on Orcas Island, because it is too long of a commute for me to indulge in everyday.
  5. Ship Inn on Orcas Island is a fantastic location for a wedding.  Spectacular views,  great food, and loads of deer roaming the front orchard.
  6. Orcas Island ferry to Anacortes scenery is amazing.
  7. Sunday traffic to Seattle is terrible (It’s always terrible, what were we thinking that it would be alright)
  8. There are different versions of Jodi with an I everywhere, even on serene locations like San Juan Islands
  9. San Juan’s Orcas Island is a great place for a quiet weekend getaway. Mobile phones don’t work most places, not much wi-fi.  Great place to disappear.
  10. Travel bumps will occur no matter how easy a trip might seem nor how short the distance may be.

This past weekend was a great experience.  I enjoyed a three-day wedding celebration for two great people, in a place I had never visited.  I got to spend the weekend with my sister and her family.   And most importantly,  I learned 10 new things.


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