Getting Around

I have a friend visiting from NYC.  She grew up in Seattle, and comes this time of year to escape the humidity of the city.  Now, for those of you have not been to NYC, it is much easier not to own a car.  For those of you who have never been to Seattle, it is a nightmare to own a car, (gridlock traffic), but is required if you need to get around in the Greater Seattle area. Public transportation is limited outside the core of the city.

My friend is not much of a planner, because her life doesn’t allow it.  Let’s just say things can change 20 times a day for her.  Things are just out of her control.

From May to September, it is quite busy in the area, because of the Seattle to Alaska cruise ships that have 7 different lines operating out of the city.  Seattle is full of tourists.  Rental cars are scarce.

My friend, of course comes to the city, and does not rent a car in advance.  She, being a Seattle native, believes she is stranded.  This is her travel bump of her trip.

Now for those like my NYC friend, who did not plan in advance, hope is not lost when visiting Seattle.  There are plenty of  ways to get around, (and things to do when you get there):

  • From the airport, you can take Sound Transit.  It leaves every 7-15 minutes. It takes 35 minutes to get to Downtown Seattle.  Fare is $3.  Way quicker than sitting in Seattle rush hour traffic (which is basically 6 am to 9 pm).
  • The Monorail departs from Westlake Center, and will take you to the famed Space Needle and lower Queen Anne.  Departs every 10 minutes.
  • South Lake Union Streetcar is a scenic way to get around downtown to the lake .
  • The Watertaxi on the waterfront will take one to Alki Beach, the area where the founders of Seattle landed.
  • There are of course buses, taxis, and Uber.  Traffic is really bad, (I mean really bad).  I think you can walk places quicker in the city.

Seattle is a beautiful city in the Summer.  There are plenty of things to do.  Cars are not required.  It is better to stay off the road.  (Did I mention, traffic is bad). Utilize one of the above options, and have a good time exploring the city.  Don’t take my word for it, explore the photos in the gallery for some examples.


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