Family Fun

Labor Day is considered by many in the US as the end of summer.  Kids are back in school, people are back at work, and family travel comes to an end.

In honor of the ending of the family travel season, summer,  Traveling Bumps is featuring posts about family travel (my family),  this week.  There are good times and bad, and many bumps to overcome.

My traveling mentor, my sister, is beyond a traveling expert.  She can deal with any situation, even the most complicated one.  Traveling with her husband Bob.

My sister enjoys traveling.  I have traveled the world many times over with her and had some really great times.  Bob hates to fly.  Bob hates to be in the car.  Bob hates to try new things.  Bob’s not a bad guy, but let’s just say Bob doesn’t keep a very open mind or positive attitude when it comes to traveling.  (Bob didn’t come on 90% of trips, that might be why we had some really great times).

It doesn’t matter if the trip is by planes. trains, or automobiles.  There will be some sort of Bob drama.

Last weekend, for example, they took a last-minute, two-day trip to Vancouver BC. It is an easy 2.5 hr drive, but you have to pass border patrol.  There was some sort of mix up with my niece’s documentation.  Now, when dealing with any sort of immigration person, it is always in your best interest to be nice. One might have to deal with some difficult people, but in the end, they have the power.  They can be helpful, or it can be a world of grief.

Bob’s answer to the immigration officer wasn’t the best.  It also had a bit of attitude. Big mistake.  You might be asking why he was talking, well he was the driver, so they tend to answer the questions.  My sister the travel expert, immediately interjected.  She apologized for Bob’s response, and explained the mix up, etc.  The immigration officer allowed them to pass, but made a pointed remark, that she was only allowing them to do so, because of the travel expert.

Bob’s negativity is always abound.  The travel expert just deals with it.  Hotel room reservations get messed up, Bob complains, but does nothing to fix the situation.  The expert, gets them upgraded to a suite, gets free breakfast. Flights are non-changeable, Bob complains, but does nothing to fix it.  The expert gets the flight changed.  You get the picture.

The lesson here is that things can be fixed.  The expert deals with people 90% of the time in a calm and rational manner.  There are very few instances where she yells, because that is not productive.  Bob complains, but does nothing productive to fix the situation.  Even if one person in your party is sabotaging you, keep focus, solutions can be found.

Be more like the expert, and less like Bob, when trying to get over the traveling bumps.  There are great things in the world to see and experience.

If you have a Bob in your life, well my condolences.  There is a way to get past that traveling bump, though.  Leave him at home when possible.  If not, deep breaths and mediation works.


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