Family Traveling (Family week Episode 2)

Common reaction to seeing families traveling is dread, because of perception of kids.  People dread being seated next to them on planes.  Dread having them next door in hotel rooms.   Restaurants.  Waiting areas.  In a general 100 foot radius of any given public place.

Kids get a bad rap.  Yes, some kick seats.  Or wander off.  Or are loud.  But there are exceptions to every rule.  When seeing families, it is not always the kids who are the traveling bump.

Family week continues staring my brother and his two kids.   (I have a few siblings, and like I stated before, none will be named. )

I like my brother a lot, but he has a few flaws.  He misplaces everything.  (He would be the ideal test subject for the Royce Freedom Wallet, the bluetooth wallet, or the Knomo organizer with the Id tracker, or the Pally Smart Finder for keys, or any device which helps you find it.)  He also runs late, not intentionally, but is a good 15 minutes minimum behind.

His two sons are the complete opposite.  They are organized.  They keep track of their things.  They like to be places early.  (No, they do not take after their mother.  She is similar to her spouse).

I went on a trip with them once when they were 10 and 11.  I was wondering why the kids were holding on to their tickets.  I soon found out why.

The boys went to the gate, sat there, and waited for boarding to begin.  Then they looked around, and asked where their parents were.  I naively stated that they must of just hanging out somewhere, knowing that I was there.  They were like no, they wander off at the airport.  They looked a bit panicked.  I was like don’t worry, I’m sure they will be back any minute.  They then stated they have almost missed flights, because they lose track of time, or misplaced tickets.  Or Id’s. And so forth.  I asked is that why you have the tickets?  No answer was needed.  (They did show up right before the gate closed.  But on another trip, we did miss our flight.  It wasn’t the boys fault.  I said let’s get on without them, the boys said we couldn’t leave them behind).

On the plane, the boys got settled quickly.  Parents took longer.  At baggage claim, the boys went right to their luggage and were ready to go.  The parents took longer.  One is seeing a pattern.

The boys are trained to know their surroundings.  Once I was driving, and my nephew pointed to the exit.  I said I know where I’m going.  He goes, sorry habit, I’m usually the navigator, used to my parents getting lost.

My nephews are very polite.  They are nice to everyone.  And they know how to travel.  Their parents aren’t bad, because their chaotic system has bred two well-organized kids.

So next time, don’t judge the kids as being traveling bumps to a peaceful trip, it could be the parents.


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