Family Travel Tips

Labor Day weekend is upon us, a busy travel weekend in the US.  It’s never easy to travel in groups, let alone your family (sometimes they are the biggest bump in travel).  Here are some tips to get through the holiday weekend (or any trip with the family):

  1. Patience, Patience, Patience: If this concept needs explaining, you are going to be in trouble.
  2. Jodi with an I Army: They are out there.  If you have been reading previous posts, there are ways to get past them, (ask to deal with someone else).
  3. Don’t Try to Keep a Strict Schedule: Just because one is traveling in a groups, doesn’t mean that all the individuals think alike.  Be flexible, and things will go smoother.
  4. Try a to Have Good Time: One can”t force everyone in the group to have fun, so don’t.  One should just try to enjoy the place you are at.  You might have a Bob in the group, but you can get past that.
  5. Take Lots of Photos: You might not be having a good time, but later on, looking back, you could have some good stories to tell.  Have props to help tell your stories.
  6. Be Open to New Experiences: That is the greatest thing about travel, doing and seeing new things.
  7. It is Mostly Likely Something Will Go Wrong:  Accept that fact, deal with it in a rational manner.  If nothing does, bonus.
  8. Enjoy the Ones Your With: Even if you do have a Bob in the group, it is most likely you do like them.  (Tip 1 will help).

Traveling Bumps hopes everyone has a great weekend.


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