Procrastination Day and The Joys of Packing

Traveling bumps and procrastination go hand in hand.  Putting off things that need to be done before travel, like booking transport and accommodations, will cause major bumps.  Another area of contention are issues associated with packing.

Traveling bumps are sometimes just the things people don’t like to do.  Many don’t like to fly, so they have to find alternative modes of travel.  Some struggle with decisions associated with traveling, like where to stay, so they delay booking.  Others  are uncomfortable with new situations traveling presents, so in general, they will have difficulties.  My main traveling bump is packing.

In celebration of Fight Procrastination Day 2015, I present to you, my issues with packing.

Packing is really personal.   There really isn’t one right way to pack.   It is subjective. Effective methods can change due to many different factors like environment, timeframe, weight, the type of bag, where one is traveling to, etc.  There are many ways to do it.  .

One would think that being a very experienced traveler, that I would have this down to a science.  Wrong.  I just really dislike doing it.  (Like right now, I have some free time.  I should be packing.  I started it, then started writing this post instead.  I would rather discuss packing, then do the actual packing.  Which if you knew me, goes against my nature.  I am a more of a doer, except when it comes to packing).

There are those who are committed to one style.  They like order. Everything as to be neatly folded, not too much clutter, so things are easy to find.  Then there are the chaotic types.   Those who really just don’t care as long as it gets in the bag, and they remembered to grab everything they needed.  Then there are those who fall in the middle, like myself.

I fold, roll, throw, and shove my things in my bag.  I have done it all. Depends if I am leaving home or returning.  That really does influence the process. Weather factors in (type of clothing, accessories), along with size of bag, and time frame of travel and amount of time before trip.

When I am departing for a trip from home, it is the worse.  (Returning home is much easier.  I just have to get everything back in the bag, which again I will delay). There are  way too many choices to choose from.  It is always more difficult to pack.

My typical process goes something like this:  I start a couple of days before (this is when I have time).   I start to pull things out.  Then I stop and go do something. Then I pull other things out.  Then I go to work.  I come home, look at my stuff, say I will do it the next day.  I then pull more stuff out, then I need to edit, because I have too much stuff out.  If I don’t have time, (because I procrastinated too long), I just pull things out. I don’t edit.

The way I place the things in the bag depends on time and space.  This process does remain the same on departure and return.

If I have time and room, I will fold.  If I have limited time, but room, shove.  If I have limited time and room, I fold/shove.  If I have time, but limited space, I roll.  (It’s an art).

Do I sometimes not want to travel because I do not want to pack?  Yes.  Do I forget things? Yes.  Is this a major traveling bump?  Yes!  Does procrastination play a major factor?  Always.

Every time I finish packing, I feel like a major accomplishment has been achieved.  I have gotten over my bump.

I hope everyone has a great Fight Procrastination Day, and things are not put off.

I’m going to finish packing.  (Or will try).

(Note: Packing bump effect: I always write my posts in one sitting.  Not this one.  Took me 3 different times to finish.)


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