On the Gogo

Greetings from 36,001 Ft (according to the flight tracker). On my way to Macau via Hong Kong. This trip to Asia is still auditioning Delta has a flight carrier.  It will also explore hotel customer service .  Can I avoid the Jodi with an I  army?

My trip started out quite well, if one saw the photos from Instagram (that basically connects to all the other social media).  There wasn’t a line at Delta Priority check in.  Security line was empty in the premium line.  (I would have taken photos, but I feel its like customs, photos are a no-no)

Then I proceeded to drop my boarding pass on the escalator, which promptly consumed it.  Delta gates agents kindly issued me a new one, and thanked me for being a Platinum member.  (Still can’t get over that.  I flew over 1 million on United, they never said thank you.  Guess if I could help them lower their airport fees, that would be different.  Instead of corruption, maybe they should focus on customer service).

Boarding was easy.  It was surprising how many people were traveling on a Tuesday after Labor Day.

So here I am, on board the flight, 14 exciting hours to kill.  There is a nice selection on the on board entertainment system.  Also, to banish boredom, I purchased the WIFI before the flight.

I chose the 24 Hr option that was $16, which was linked on my notification email to check in for my Delta flight.  Well, I got on board, log on, and turns out it isn’t available for International flight, that that would be $39.95.

GoGo has a customer service chat service, so I inquired if I could get $16 credit, towards the $39.95.  Instead, she gave me a coupon for it, so I did not have to pay more.  Nice surprise.

So today is going well. I did not encounter any Jodi with an I army members and this so far hasn’t been a US Airways experience.

Can my luck continue? What bumps will I encounter? Feel free to comment in the box below. Let’s see if any of you have psychic powers.


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