When One Can’t Avoid Bumps

When your job requires traveling, it is hard to avoid the bumps.  Bumps come in all forms, and some we unfortunately can’t avoid, like biological reactions.  It is how one deals with it that is key to overcoming it.

Some hate to fly for various reasons, like ear pain, joint swelling, and headaches.   Others suffer motion sickness, from boats and cars.

The ferry from Hong Kong to Macau is affordable, convenient, and unfortunately bumpy.  One needs to be prepared that it can be quite rough sometimes on the water.

One of my colleagues suffers from motion sickness.  Her attitude helps her get past the bump.  She accepts the fact that she will get motion sickness, vomits, and moves on.  She doesn’t allow it to hold her back.

For the rest of you who suffer from motion sickness, ginger ale, gum, and a bit a prayer will go a long way.

Macau is an interesting place.  Don’t let the bumpy waters hold you back.


*Don’t forget to check out Macau Gallery, it is updated daily

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