Delay, Delay, Delay

When one travels long distances and has multiple trips in a short period of time, logistics is important.  So when one books a flight, then gets a notice that one of the flights is changed, uh-oh, bumps ahead.

My friend who is here in Macau was in Seoul and Shanghai before here.  But she was returning to Australia before coming to here.

She had her flights set, then the first leg was changed by the airline, China Southern. It cut her connection time to one hour to her Korean Airlines flight in Seoul.  She thought, boy this is tight, but the airline wouldn’t do that if it wasn’t possible. Wrong.

She goes to check in, and then learns it is delayed by 30 minutes, by weather.  Then she gets on the flight, sits there, and then the pilot announces, air traffic delay by 30 minutes.

She gets off in Seoul, and is greeted by Gina, China Southern Airlines representative, who informs her that she has missed her connection to Brisbane.  And now the fun begins.

They inform her she does not get to depart until the next day. She is re-routed to Guangzhou, which is back in China, where she just came from, then to Brisbane. (Backtracking, doesn’t everyone love that when you have a bunch of trips coming up.)

When my friend tried to inquire about changing this, because it was an extremely long journey now, all she got from Gina was a response of sorry. Repeatedly.

(Tip to Gina: Sorry really isn’t a helpful solution to the passenger, especially when an airlines creates the traveling bump.  I think Gina might be a member of the Jodi with a I army)

So the lesson here is that the airlines will re-book your flight with short connections, that leaves you open to missing connections. If that happens, contact them right away.

If one is not bothered to have an US airways experience, one can enjoy Dunkin’ doughnuts for dinner because that is the only thing open.  One also gets a fantastic stay at the terminal hotel and gets to triple one’s travel time.

My friend finally did make it back to Brisbane, 27 hours later than originally scheduled, only to be kept waiting at the airport by her friend picking her up.


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