Home is Where the Bumps Are


Foreign travel is seen by many as containing many bumps.  New cultures, languages, food, customs are just a few of the bumps that one encounters when in a foreign land.  Travel in one’s home country should be a breeze. Ha.

I successfully made it out of Macau. Was in Hong Kong overnight, before returning to the states.  It was a short turnaround, and I was due back on the road less than 48 hours later.  I just flew into San Francisco, which is a 90 minute flight from Seattle.

I usually pack an extra set of clothes in my carry on, because I have to check my bag usually. Well, I am a bit jet lagged, and forgot to do that today.

I got off my flight and went to baggage claim.  Standing there, an announcement that they forgot to load the baggage onto the plane was made. Whoops.image

So, Hong Kong and Macau (well, for me anyway.  There were a few bumps for others I will update everyone on) were a breeze. San Francisco, not so much.

Gallery for Hong Kong and Macau have been updated. San Francisco will be added in shortly.


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