Zipper Pockets

Smart phones have become a central part of many people lives. It contains mass amounts of information, and is more than just a communication device. It is essential to many when traveling. Losing or misplacing one will create traveling bumps.

Last week in Macau, on the morning that my friends and I were departing, we took a taxi to Taipa Village and back. Getting a different view of Macau outside the casinos, it was an enjoyable excursion.

We entered my hotel to pick up our bags, when one of my friends declared “I think I left my phone in the taxi”.

A frantic search in the backpack took place. The iPhone was missing.

My friend was convinced the phone was gone. It had fallen out of her pocket, when exiting the taxi.


With her lifeline  gone, she was understandably upset. To top it off, it was unlocked. It contained vital personal and financial information, some critical to traveling. Not a good situation.

The bell hop overheard the conversation, and informed us that we should contact security. With nothing to lose, my friend did that.

The security team turned out to be highly efficient. They pulled security footage and got the license plate and taxi number. They then contacted the taxi company.image

This took awhile, (90 minutes). My friend at this time was going through the seven stages of grief. She had finally accepted the fact that the phone was gone. She contacted a couple of people to inform them of the situation, to take precautions.

After a few emails and calls, she said if we did not hear back from the taxi company in 5 minutes, we should proceed to the ferry.

We informed hotel security and the concierge that we were departing, but to contact another friend of ours who was still at the hotel.

My friend on the journey back to Hong Kong was taking things in stride. She declared, “On the bright side, now I can justify getting the new iPhone 6S”.

She departed back to Canada that night. One iPhone lighter, but now excited about the prospect of getting a new phone.

The next morning I received a message from my friend in Macau. They found the phone, and the taxi driver brought it to her. She was going to hold on to it for 10 days, which would be the next time she would see our mutual friend.

The phone was recovered, but my friend was now without a phone for 10 days.  Also, no iPhone 6S.  (Losing a phone, not good. Does getting the old phone back, days later, when excited for a new phone,  count for a happy ending?)

She is in San Francisco and seems to be doing alright.  She has gotten past the traveling bump of not having a phone while on the road.  She is using an iPad, to whatsapp.  (And in the future, checking her pockets).


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