Alway Learning: Hong Kong/Macau Edition

Travel is always an adventure.  One never knows what will occur.  One thing is certain, knowledge is gained from the traveling bumps.

Things I learned on my recent Hong Kong/Macau trip:

  1. Hold on to one’s boarding pass, because the escalator will eat it right up as you watch
  2. It is really difficult to have a better experience than the Big Bucket
  3. Let your friend, who gets motion sickness, have the aisle on the ferry
  4. Always check your pockets for your phone when leaving a taxi
  5. If one loses something in a taxi, when being dropped off at the hotel, inform security, they can help get it back.
  6. When taking restaurant recommendations from a friend who insists you go somewhere, realize what day it is. On a Saturday night, it is not the best time to go, and make sure there are other places around
  7. The octopus card does work some places in Macau


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