When It Rains It Pours

Some people don’t believe in luck. I’m not one of them. Travel bumps sometimes just come down to bad luck.  There is nothing you can do.  Things just don’t go your way sometimes. (And when I say doesn’t go your way, I mean REALLY don’t go your way).  Other times, your just collateral damage from others having a really bad day.

I was headed down to Philadelphia on Wednesday morning with a friend.  We took a cab to the bus, (which was more than both our bus tickets. That mega bus is a great deal).  We got there with 15 minutes before departure, got on the bus, no problem.  It was empty, there wasn’t any traffic, got to Philly, no problem.  It was quite smooth.

Philadelphia seems to be very popular this time of year.  Hotel rooms are very expensive.  So I was trying something this trip I had never done before, Airbnb.  A friend of mine uses it quite often, and booked the place.  I was excited, it was a new option in traveling.

My new accommodation experience was not going to start until Thursday.  I had an important appointment Thursday evening, and usually would not change accommodations.  But, the place was closer than the hotel I was staying Wednesday night, so I thought things would be fine.  Things were going smooth for me.

Thursday started and things were great.  I checked out of my hotel, and went to the bus stop to meet my friends.

On my journey, I get a message, the bus is late.  My friends arrive an hour late.  They come out of the bus, not looking the best.  They informed me that the bus left 1 hour late, and was packed, due to the fact that passengers from the next departure time were added on.

Late and full, not good

It is around the time to go check into our accommodations.  We were told check in was at 3. (We requested to check in early, but it was not possible.  They had previous occupants, and the place needed to be cleaned).  We were given a code for a lockbox, so we could enter.

Two of us go.  First thing were noticed, it wasn’t in the best neighborhood, but it is close to where we need to be, so that was ok.

My friend and I get the keys, enter the building, and try to open the unit door.  It doesn’t work. We think maybe we have the wrong unit, try the other 3 doors. Nothing works.

Not good

We have a contact number, and we call that.  Voicemail.

The Voicemail does contain other numbers, which we try. The second number, voicemail, the third, we get someone.

I explain the situation, and he is a bit confused.  He thinks that maybe the cleaners left the wrong keys. (I’m thinking someone definitely left the wrong keys, because we have spent the last 30 minutes trying to open doors.)

He says he can call a neighbor, I said do that.  I need to depart at 430, it was now 345.  I had all the bags with us, and could not take them with me.

He calls me back 5 minutes later, saying the neighbor was out, would be there at 5.  I stated that would not work for me.

During this time, I was messaging my friend, who booked the place.  She had an appointment at 3pm, which she was already rushing to, due to the late bus.  She was now heading over to us.

My friend arrives, I tell her the situation. She was scheduled to go with me at 430. But this was going to be difficult, because someone need to stay with the bags, and wait for the neighbor.  It only gets better.  To be continued………….

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