The Storm Continues

Thursday was not the best day.  At 4:30pm in the afternoon, we really didn’t think things could get worse.

Due to the circumstances we were in, immediate decisions needed to be made.  I decided that I needed to get coffee, because I had a huge headache.  So my friend and I, who were dealing with this whole debacle the entire time, decided that we needed to leave.  (Or there might be a nuclear meltdown.)

I informed my other two friends that we could swing back, and that if the neighbor had appeared, we could all depart.  If not, they would stay, which was not ideal.

I come back 20 minutes later, and the neighbor is there laughing.  I walk up the steps, and my friends who stayed behind, state that the keys worked.

I know this is not possible.

The neighbor is chirping away, and I go to the door, shut it and lock it.  I then ask the neighbor which keys she opened the door with.  Silence.

I take the keys that were in the lockbox and try to open the door.  It does NOT open the door.  I look back at the neighbor, and say, “It works?”

She tries the door, it doesn’t open.  Then she runs upstairs and gets her keys.  (The keys she opened the door with.)

So she states, “Oh, we had the keys changed for the front door, it seems like an old set was left”.  (I’m thinking, yes I know the keys were wrong.)

During this time I received a message from the fellow who I contacted.  He stated that the cleaning crew left due to emergency, and did not clean the place.  So we still could not occupy the place.

So we depart, late to my appointment.  I was surprisingly calm, but things did not go that great.

Afterwards, we head to dinner.  I park the car, while my friend goes to pay the parking.

I watch as the car in front of me backs into my car, and hits it.  During this same time, a bird poops on my friend.

We head off to the Thai restaurant, sit down and say to each other “what else can happen?’

To be continued……..


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