Lemonade Anyone?

Thursday was a lemon.  Friday in Philly called for lemonade.

Philadelphia is home to a famous movie icon, Rocky Balboa. It was quite obvious what we needed to do.   What better way to get over a bad day, then to run the stairs at the Philadelphia Art Museum.

It was destiny that we were in the city of this fictional character who is associated with overcoming adversity.   (Spoiler alert),  if Rocky with the help of Adrian and Mickey could succeed, so could we.  (Even though it did not happen until Rocky 2).

I, with my friend, who was accused of not knowing how to work a key, headed out to get the demons of Thursday exorcised.

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We ran the stairs, took some photos, enjoyed the sights.  Things were definitely turning around.

After our photo shoot, we headed out to historic Boathouse Row.  The historical site is located on the East bank of the Schuylkill River, and is a quick 5 minute walk from the art museum.

It was a bit overcast as we reached our destination, then the sky opened up.  Wind and rain blew from everywhere, with lightning as an accessory to the mayhem. Being around a bunch of trees did not help the matter, so we looked for shelter.

Fortunately, there were structures around.  We took refuge in building setting up for a wedding.

We waited for the storm to end.  After 20 minutes, it eased, we headed back.  Two minutes into our journey, the sky opened up again.

We ran for the car, past the trees as thunder and lightning shot out. Soaking wet, we reached the car.

It was quite a day. We were determined to obtain a positive view of The City of Brotherly love. The cosmic forces of the universe were just not allowing it.   No matter how hard we tried, it just wasn’t happening.  (Rocky did lose that first fight)

We did have a good laugh in the car, and it was quite appropriate that Eye of the Tiger played on the radio as we headed back.  (One really can’t make this up.)

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