Always Learning: San Francisco Edition

It has been a hectic six weeks.  It is as if the universe has been giving me a pop quiz on each trip. Now that the exam period is over, I can step back and absorb the learning experience. Knowledge definitely has been gained. (Some desired, others tidbits I could definitely live without knowing.)

  1. Never, ever forget to pack a spare set of clothes in your “personal item”. (One’s carry on might be gate checked.)
  2. When there is pandemonium at the baggage claim, remain calm. The airline representative will be more helpful and grateful.  Sometimes it is out of their control.  (Like when the baggage handlers in the other city forget to load ALL the luggage.)
  3. Twitter does get results.
  4. Alaska Airlines is good with tweeting.
  5. Shopping jet lagged is not a good idea. (See below)
  6. San Francisco is so scenic, that the pictures will make it seem that one is having a great time, even when one is not, (Right Amanda?)
  7. That The Melt restaurant was created by the devil.
  8. Hotel car service to the airport is luxurious and is the same price as a taxi.
  9. Taking the bus around the city is always an adventure.
  10. From the Gallery, one can see why people leave their hearts in San Francisco.  (I kind of said this before, but it is worth repeating.)

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