Always Learning: New York City Edition

I have been to New York many times and it’s never the same.  That is why it is the city that never sleeps.  It’s too busy evolving.

  1. Hidden gems behind christmas lights.
  2. The guy at Tazza who never smiles, can. (Nobody thought that was possible, but I made it happen.)
  3. A person can visit New York City a couple of times, and not see Times Square.
  4. A person can live in Brooklyn Heights and never visit Iron Chef Kitchen. (Shocking, but true.)
  5. Bleeker Street.  Can’t go wrong.  (Thanks John P)
  6. Liquid sugar or olive oil.  Can’t always tell from the bottle.
  7. Still afraid of Bridges.
  8. It is possible to get out of Newark Airport and to the City in 30 minutes on a Saturday.
  9. One does not walk off all the extra calories, so don’t even try to justify dessert.  (Or three.)

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