Always Learning: Nightmare Edition (AKA Philadelphia)

In the spirit of Halloween, lessons learned from a horror story.   There are ways to defeat demons of the trip,  the monsters in the basement, and the goblins outside.  I would like to think it has made me stronger.  (It definitely makes me more appreciative of literally everywhere else I have been to in my entire life.)

  1. Never check into Airbnb when one is on a schedule.  It is not a hotel, there is no one on site to help.
  2. Spooky basements look worse at night.
  3. Having a police station/emergency room close by is not always good sign.
  4. Can never have enough pillows, useful for more than for sleeping.
  5. Rocky did lose that fight, so maybe to turn things around, should look at scenes of Rocky II for inspiration.  (Or even Rocky III. Can’t go wrong with Mr. T.)
  6. When it rains, it pours.  (Literally and figuratively.)
  7.  Make sure to overpay the parking meter.
  8. New york is very close by.  There are multiple ways to escape the horrors.
  9. Jodi with an I and US Airways are from Philadelphia, it all makes sense now.

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