Banishing Boredom

A common bump in travel for many, is that sitting on a plane, train, or bus is boring.  Or the waiting to take that mode of transport is boring.  Well,  I sometimes take flights that are 14 hrs long or there are trips that take over 24 hours to get to my destination.  There are ways to get over that bump.  I did it in the past, when I use to entertain myself by real books or people watching. These days it is a breeze.  It’s choosing how you do it is the dilemma.

There are gadgets galore to make your time fly by.  WiFi is readily available and there are portable hot spots.  There are no excuses for those who suffer FOMO (fear of missing out) or are one step away from rehab for binge watching.

Traveling bumps will explore different avenues to banish boredom.  From how to get internet access to new toys that will make you want to get on the plane or sit in the airport.  Gone are the days where I would stare at people to make them uncomfortable for my amusement when I had 6 hr layovers (never worked in Germany, intense staring is normal behavior).


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