Bumpity Bump Bump

Poor travel experiences sometimes feel so surreal, it is like you’re in an alternative universe.  You are standing there, thinking “this really can’t be happening”.  It can be so bad sometimes, that you really do have to laugh about it or take deep breaths, or  you might explode from frustration.

No one is perfect, humans make mistakes.  It is just seems though, dealing with various travel industry employees, that not all are aware of that.  Or in some instances, they could care less.

There will be a section of Traveling Bumps dedicated to what now is seen as humorous travel experiences.  Of course at the time, it was of the most frustrating, I-am-never-doing-this, never using this  (insert airline/hotel/travel service) again, I hate traveling, I can’t believe this happening experience.

Bumpity bump bump is a name reminder game.  The title is inspired by US airways baggage department employee,  Jodi with an I.

I was in Philadelphia for a work related event, and went to the airport to meet my friend Natalie.  She was flying in direct from Amsterdam.  Natalie’s bag did not arrive, so I went with her to the baggage office.  What transpired next is something 3 years later we still can’t believe was real.

We went into the office to inquire about her bag.  We walked to the desk, and the lady doesn’t even make eye contact and has an annoyed tone.  My friend makes all the normal inquires, and is met with disinterest and unhelpful answers.

I at first am standing there, not saying anything, because I was completely fascinated by this exchange.  I had never seen anything like this.  The employee at the desk, where it was her job to help people locate their bags, was completely annoyed that Natalie was in there inquiring about her lost bag.  It wasn’t like Natalie was ranting at her.  It was literally utter disdain that we had come to her.

Natalie was calm and rational at the beginning of the conversation, but I could see, she was becoming agitated by this conversation.  The employee went over the policy in a very rude manner, then said bags are lost all the time, you should have expected it.

Forget about customer service.  There wasn’t even a shred of politeness.

I at this point saw things were going downhill, so I just asked the employee her name.  My plan was just to call back later, because the next flight wasn’t until the next day, and I was hoping to talk to anyone else.  What happened next was priceless.

The person at the US airways baggage desk when I asked for name replied “Jodi with an I”, and was somewhat taunting.  It was like she was proud that I was going to make a complaint and did not want me to get her name incorrect.

We have all met different versions of Jodi with an I, hopefully not as bad as the original, but who knows.  It could be possible there be an army of them.  The thing is how we deal with them.

My solution to this situation was to pull my friend out of the office before security was going to be needed.  She ended up calling later, and kept calling until she got her bag, which took more than 24 hrs.

Most times you will not have a friend to pull you out of the trenches.  In that case, remember to breathe deep, and keep calm.  If you are dealing with a Jodi with an I, extract yourself, and speak to someone else.  And in about 3 years you might be able to laugh about it.


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