Still Golden

In break ups, you might lose perks you enjoyed.    Like when the person you are dating has a cousin who you really liked.  And who manages a club and can get you into the VIP Lounge.  You might not miss the person you were dating, but you miss their cousin.

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Good Times

After my bumpy weekend, I need to concentrate on something positive in my next couple of posts.  I do not want to scare readers (and myself) from trips with too many traveling bumps stories with me having to find alternative solutions that aren’t the best, i.e. sleeping on the floor.  There are a lot of good things in the world to see, either for business, pleasure, or mandatory family excursions.

One has many options to book hotels (Airbnb is in a different category in itself, with good and very bad points).  Today, I am briefly covering my personal first choice, booking directly with the hotel.

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Surprise Surprise

Choosing a place to stay is always a dilemma when traveling, because there are so many options.  From how to book, expense, availability, location, amenities, etc.  It can be quite daunting.  It requires planning and research. Sometimes in life you just want to be spontaneous, or you waited until the last-minute, and are on a budget, and willing to just wing it.

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