Staying Sharp

Travel is always interesting. From incredible sights to encountering bumps, there is always a spectrum of things for one to experience.

San Francisco is a beautiful city and the people are very friendly. It was a rough start with some things in the middle, but as always, worthwhile.

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Staying Awake

Jet lag has its good and bad points.  It can get one out and about, out of the fear of going to sleep at 5pm. It can also make for some bad decisions, due to the fog in one’s head that won’t seem to lift.

I like to think of myself as an optimist, so let’s go with the good points first.

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Home is Where the Bumps Are


Foreign travel is seen by many as containing many bumps.  New cultures, languages, food, customs are just a few of the bumps that one encounters when in a foreign land.  Travel in one’s home country should be a breeze. Ha.

I successfully made it out of Macau. Was in Hong Kong overnight, before returning to the states.  It was a short turnaround, and I was due back on the road less than 48 hours later.  I just flew into San Francisco, which is a 90 minute flight from Seattle.

I usually pack an extra set of clothes in my carry on, because I have to check my bag usually. Well, I am a bit jet lagged, and forgot to do that today.

I got off my flight and went to baggage claim.  Standing there, an announcement that they forgot to load the baggage onto the plane was made. Whoops.image

So, Hong Kong and Macau (well, for me anyway.  There were a few bumps for others I will update everyone on) were a breeze. San Francisco, not so much.

Gallery for Hong Kong and Macau have been updated. San Francisco will be added in shortly.


Procrastination Day and The Joys of Packing

Traveling bumps and procrastination go hand in hand.  Putting off things that need to be done before travel, like booking transport and accommodations, will cause major bumps.  Another area of contention are issues associated with packing.

Traveling bumps are sometimes just the things people don’t like to do.  Many don’t like to fly, so they have to find alternative modes of travel.  Some struggle with decisions associated with traveling, like where to stay, so they delay booking.  Others  are uncomfortable with new situations traveling presents, so in general, they will have difficulties.  My main traveling bump is packing.

In celebration of Fight Procrastination Day 2015, I present to you, my issues with packing.

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Getting Around

I have a friend visiting from NYC.  She grew up in Seattle, and comes this time of year to escape the humidity of the city.  Now, for those of you have not been to NYC, it is much easier not to own a car.  For those of you who have never been to Seattle, it is a nightmare to own a car, (gridlock traffic), but is required if you need to get around in the Greater Seattle area. Public transportation is limited outside the core of the city.

My friend is not much of a planner, because her life doesn’t allow it.  Let’s just say things can change 20 times a day for her.  Things are just out of her control.

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