Still Golden

In break ups, you might lose perks you enjoyed.    Like when the person you are dating has a cousin who you really liked.  And who manages a club and can get you into the VIP Lounge.  You might not miss the person you were dating, but you miss their cousin.

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Good Times

After my bumpy weekend, I need to concentrate on something positive in my next couple of posts.  I do not want to scare readers (and myself) from trips with too many traveling bumps stories with me having to find alternative solutions that aren’t the best, i.e. sleeping on the floor.  There are a lot of good things in the world to see, either for business, pleasure, or mandatory family excursions.

One has many options to book hotels (Airbnb is in a different category in itself, with good and very bad points).  Today, I am briefly covering my personal first choice, booking directly with the hotel.

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New beginnings

Loyalty programs are great.  There are many benefits travelers can take advantage of, to make your trips smoother and more enjoyable.

There are many factors one must look into before choosing.  Routes, price, travel partners, how miles are earned, redemption, upgrades, and last, but not least, is customer service.

After years and over a million miles on United, I am starting fresh.  I chose two airlines who had routes much more convenient to my home base.  They also gave me matching status, so I can experience their loyalty program benefits.

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If Loyalty Is Not Rewarded, Move On

I had been a loyal customer to a certain airline (cough, cough United) for a number of years. I was even given a trophy for flying over a million miles on their program. It was not always the least expensive or the most convenient, but their frequent flyer program and the perks that came with it kept me coming back.  I received free upgrades, extra miles, extra allowance for baggage, priority stand by, etc.  I was treated alright by the staff.

Last year it was announced that they were changing their mileage program to be based from actual miles flown to dollars.  It was also changing the calculation how different tiers were achieved.  Lets just say it was quite confusing.

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