Zombies on the Island

Some people have loads of energy during the day, then crash at night.  They need their sleep.  I am one of them.  So sleeping on the floor on a thin futon is not the best conditions for me to fulfill my sleep criteria.
Saturday morning rolls around, and I’m dead.  Did not get the 7-9 hours I require.  There was pre-wedding activities of golf, hiking, and yoga that I skipped because I was a zombie.  I needed to save my energy reserve for the wedding and reception. My sister and her family were collateral damage from my hotel snafu.  So we headed into town to have breakfast.

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Sleepless in San Juan Islands

My transportation traveling bump was overcome, and I arrived in the San Juan islands, to Orcas island.  I was ready to enjoy my weekend and the wedding festivities.  I thought it was smooth sailing from there, boy was I wrong.

I had a fantastic time at the pre wedding BBQ, then headed to my sister’s hotel, the lovely Ship Inn.  We were waiting for the arrival of my brother-in-law Bob, who had taken our luggage.

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No Plan, No research = TRAVEL BUMPS

Sometimes when one is an experienced travel, they neglect preparation and research when going to a new destination.  They think that they have travel the world, they can handle a weekend getaway, no problem.  Well sometimes that arrogance can comeback to bite them in the backside.

I was invited to a friend’s wedding this weekend in the San Juan islands.  I have never been there before, but it a popular destination, so I thought, how hard could it be to get there.  I have been busy, so I really didn’t take the time to research how to get up here.  Also, I had my room arranged, so I did not have to do that much planning, or that’s what I thought.  Ha.

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