Always Learning: Nightmare Edition (AKA Philadelphia)

In the spirit of Halloween, lessons learned from a horror story.   There are ways to defeat demons of the trip,  the monsters in the basement, and the goblins outside.  I would like to think it has made me stronger.  (It definitely makes me more appreciative of literally everywhere else I have been to in my entire life.)

  1. Never check into Airbnb when one is on a schedule.  It is not a hotel, there is no one on site to help.
  2. Spooky basements look worse at night.
  3. Having a police station/emergency room close by is not always good sign.
  4. Can never have enough pillows, useful for more than for sleeping.
  5. Rocky did lose that fight, so maybe to turn things around, should look at scenes of Rocky II for inspiration.  (Or even Rocky III. Can’t go wrong with Mr. T.)
  6. When it rains, it pours.  (Literally and figuratively.)
  7.  Make sure to overpay the parking meter.
  8. New york is very close by.  There are multiple ways to escape the horrors.
  9. Jodi with an I and US Airways are from Philadelphia, it all makes sense now.

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Lemonade Anyone?

Thursday was a lemon.  Friday in Philly called for lemonade.

Philadelphia is home to a famous movie icon, Rocky Balboa. It was quite obvious what we needed to do.   What better way to get over a bad day, then to run the stairs at the Philadelphia Art Museum.

It was destiny that we were in the city of this fictional character who is associated with overcoming adversity.   (Spoiler alert),  if Rocky with the help of Adrian and Mickey could succeed, so could we.  (Even though it did not happen until Rocky 2).

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The Storm Continues

Thursday was not the best day.  At 4:30pm in the afternoon, we really didn’t think things could get worse.

Due to the circumstances we were in, immediate decisions needed to be made.  I decided that I needed to get coffee, because I had a huge headache.  So my friend and I, who were dealing with this whole debacle the entire time, decided that we needed to leave.  (Or there might be a nuclear meltdown.)

I informed my other two friends that we could swing back, and that if the neighbor had appeared, we could all depart.  If not, they would stay, which was not ideal.

I come back 20 minutes later, and the neighbor is there laughing.  I walk up the steps, and my friends who stayed behind, state that the keys worked.

I know this is not possible.

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When It Rains It Pours

Some people don’t believe in luck. I’m not one of them. Travel bumps sometimes just come down to bad luck.  There is nothing you can do.  Things just don’t go your way sometimes. (And when I say doesn’t go your way, I mean REALLY don’t go your way).  Other times, your just collateral damage from others having a really bad day.

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