Always Learning: San Francisco Edition

It has been a hectic six weeks.  It is as if the universe has been giving me a pop quiz on each trip. Now that the exam period is over, I can step back and absorb the learning experience. Knowledge definitely has been gained. (Some desired, others tidbits I could definitely live without knowing.)

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Keep Moving

It has been a busy couple of weeks, and things are not slowing down. Luckily, I have multiple travel models on these trips to entertain the masses.

San Francisco is stunning, as the gallery showcases. (It has been updated daily, and a video section is coming.)

So on the move, I will be updating the site tomorrow. To my San Francisco models, I will see you in a week.

Next stop is NYC.


Activities by the Bay

A glass box is set up on Justin Herman Plaza from September 25th-29th.  To some it is recognizable as a squash court, to others, it is just one of many normal sights of people working outside throughout the city.

Walking around San Francisco between the Golden Gate Bridge and Fort Mason, I saw activities everywhere.  With the bay as a background, one could see yoga classes, boot camps, running clubs, biking groups, and even outdoor circuit court.

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Staying Sharp

Travel is always interesting. From incredible sights to encountering bumps, there is always a spectrum of things for one to experience.

San Francisco is a beautiful city and the people are very friendly. It was a rough start with some things in the middle, but as always, worthwhile.

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Zipper Pockets

Smart phones have become a central part of many people lives. It contains mass amounts of information, and is more than just a communication device. It is essential to many when traveling. Losing or misplacing one will create traveling bumps.

Last week in Macau, on the morning that my friends and I were departing, we took a taxi to Taipa Village and back. Getting a different view of Macau outside the casinos, it was an enjoyable excursion.

We entered my hotel to pick up our bags, when one of my friends declared “I think I left my phone in the taxi”.

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Hills, Hills and More Hills

San Francisco is a beautiful city. It is surrounded by water, which makes for some stunning scenery.  It is also full of hills.image

Squash has been rated the healthiest sport.  So one would think that taking a walk around the city would be a breeze.

My friend decided it was a good idea to walk to the club where she was hitting this morning. I received the following message from her: My walk this morning was so intense, it was ridiculous! My legs were shaking.

Even the best of us struggle with the hills, but you can see from the gallery, it is completely worth it.

Beautiful morning, going for a walk.....

(Note: Photo of my friend is before her walk, when she is still smiling)