Getting Around

I have a friend visiting from NYC.  She grew up in Seattle, and comes this time of year to escape the humidity of the city.  Now, for those of you have not been to NYC, it is much easier not to own a car.  For those of you who have never been to Seattle, it is a nightmare to own a car, (gridlock traffic), but is required if you need to get around in the Greater Seattle area. Public transportation is limited outside the core of the city.

My friend is not much of a planner, because her life doesn’t allow it.  Let’s just say things can change 20 times a day for her.  Things are just out of her control.

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Airfare Discounts?

For the last couple of weeks it as been reported all over the place that airfares would be dropping for fall.  Numerous reasons have been cited for this occurrence.  Falling gas prices, competition from low-cost carriers, that airlines have been achieving record profits, blue moon occurring this year, etc.

I would like to believe the hype, but if you examine the facts carefully, we the consumer are really not saving all that much.   One shouldn’t be rushing to buy a ticket like it’s a once in a life time deal in the airline industry this week.

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