Traveling Bumps Terminology and Definitions

Traveling Bumps likes to keep things fresh and original, thus, has it own terminology for describing situations.  As the website expands on information, more terms will be added, (one doesn’t want the story or analogy ruined if one gets a key aspect of the story in advance).

Traveling Bumps:  Situations, experiences, and interactions that throw a monkey wrench into one’s trip or an unpleasant ordeal one must deal with while traveling.

Jodi with an I :  A person who provides such poor customer service, that it feels like you are in an alternative universe.  (See Bumpity Bump Bump for full background of term).

US Airways experience:  A poor airline experience.  (The name of the airline will be phased out starting in October.  This is a dedication, so it can live forever in infamy).

Bob: A person with a poor, negative attitude towards travel, no matter what the situation is.  (See Family Fun for background)

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