Traveling in Style

Style should be effortless.  That is my motto.  And I like to travel in “style”.  For that to occur, my travel accessories need to be functional.  For example, it is great to have a bag that looks nice, but if you have to increase your upper body strength conditioning program to travel with it, it is not “stylish” at all.

The biggest bump in the road when traveling for me is hauling my stuff around.  It is really impossible for me to travel light on most trips, because of equipment I need to bring.  I literally thought the invention of 4 wheeled bags was up there with the creation of the internet.

There are many travel accessories for travelers to utilize.  From hard cover luggage, to soft cover bags, to tracking devices on luggage tags and organizers, there are numerous choices to be made. image It’s finding the right choice for you that is key.

I personally, along with airline bag handlers, hotel workers, and taxi drivers, have damaged many travel accessories of mine.  It really isn’t “stylish” to be dragging luggage because the wheel has broken off, or the handle of the bag won’t slide back down, or the light weight hard case bag with the long-term warranty that splits open after 2 trips.  So for me, it would be durability that is key. (For my brother it would be anything with a tracking device, because he can never find his wallet or passport or keys, or anything).

Traveling Bumps will explore the options out there.  It values the innovation travel accessories have developed.  It also values quality, durability, and functionality. Every traveller should be able to avoid the bump of not being “stylish”

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